Sacred State Armornia EPISODE 1

Event Area

STORY, Armonia, Sacred State

To protect Armonia from Abyss… Each people’s way was different so far,The light towards the Armonia leads to one way. Caisse Kielce was preparing memorial ceremony to console the Spirit of Bristia Heros. He asked the Pioneering Families who made much contribution in Independence War to attend the ceremony and Vincent found the trace of Van. Pioneering Families started to chase the trace of Van with Vincent. During the chasing, Vincent found and anguished about Van’s trying to approach towards the forbidden area. To make matters worse, Vincent faced unexpected difficulties during preparing the trip to Armonia. Armonia where they barely arrived by many helps from people, was waiting with the hidden truth of history…


FIELD, Latina

Originally, Armonia’s sole Farm where providing food. But one day suddenly, the monsters that become rampaged, come down and start to attack people. Armonia sent a punitive forces but monsters ran away rapidly, looked like someone controlled. Wastelanded and abandoned Armonia now, Who and why did this with which purpose?

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En Celar

Armonia basement where hidden for long time of history. Realizing the upcoming risk from abyss, religious Committee opened it to Pioneering Famillies and few influential figures. Pioneering Famillies faced the abyss Forces unexpectedly…

  • Armonia basement 1
  • Armonia basement 2
  • Armonia basement 3
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MISSION, Dark Priest

Basement post, last place to protect ground against Abyss Forces. The tomb of many heros who faced the holy wars. You have to face the abyss forces, with helping knights preparing desperate fight.


  • You have to defeat the abyss forces and have to succeed to protect the base with helping knights.
  • You can have the Armonia weapon materials.
  • Basement post 1
  • Basement post 2
  • Basement post 3

CHARACTER, Sirius Rigel

Recent Vice Captain of holly knights Parents have been passed away when childhood and raised in monastery, joined in holly knights with full of religious belief to come true justice. He got recognized very fast with skills and belief and become vice caption. He realized about the basement post and abyss and went to help the knights but was hard pressed with helplessness by himself. He supported the knights of basement post and moved to fullfil the duty of holly nights…..

Sirius Rigel 1

STANCE, Holly Shielder

Exclusive Stance of Armonia holly knights Based on strong belief, protect friendly forces and come true the holly power of god. Possess the strong HP and DEF from the power of god.

Sirius Rigel 2
  • Holly Shielder 1
  • Holly Shielder 2
  • Holly Shielder 3

MONSTER, Abyss Fear

Among some entity of five feelings derived form abyss, strong entity realized the will and make up one body. Some entity swallowed the human beings of strong belief and fertilized it become having more power. People call this as “Fragment of Abyss”. Fragment of Abyss usually be active alone but the Abyss Fear that received the order from abyss to lead the attacks, stretched the hands towards the basement post of Armonia.

Abyss Fear
  • Abyss Fear 1
  • Abyss Fear 2
  • Abyss Fear 3

WEAPON, Holly Weapons & Armors

The Armonium that created after the great saintess died for her belief, has a strong holly power. This holly power effects greatly especially against the monsters of abyss and Armonium has been created as a perfect gear by a blacksmith. People called this as “Armonia Holly Gears”. This holly gears has been only created by pure blood people and inherited as a symbol of the family.


  • Possible to obtain the items of recipe with defeating the monsters of Granado Espada continent and Armonia.
  • Possible to obtain the holly gear recipe with bringing the material items to blacksmith.
  • Possible to obtain the material items from the raid monster of Armonia.


Armor Santo de Blanc Warlock
Armor Santo de Blanc Wizard
Armor Santo de Blanc Scout
Armor Santo de Blanc Fighter
Armor Santo de Blanc Musketeer

Holly Weapons

Armonia  Weapons 1
Armonia  Weapons 2
Armonia  Weapons 3
Armonia  Weapons 4
아르모니아에서만 획득할 수 있는 새로운 31종 무기가 출시되며, 방어구는 산토 데 블랑 (워록)을 시작으로 업데이트 시마다 1종씩 공개 됩니다.

SYSTEM, Story Book

Undisclosed background story of Granado Espada

There was people who wrote who lived and what happened in the past of Armonia, hoping to recorded and inherited…. Their impassioned wish has been realized and we can see their past life. The first page is “Chapter Abyss : Profes” and it’s opening.


  • At first it’s empty pages but will be activated by obtaining with various routes.
  • Armonia story book start will initiate the other main Character’s story books.
  • Story Book 1
  • Story Book 2