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  • Aisha Total Package
    Price 5223 EG-Cash
1. Information
Aisha Card x1{br}Divine Weapon Recipe Summon Stone x2{br}(Event)Valeron Weapon Summon Stone x1{br}(Event)Armonia Weapon Summon Stone x2{br}(Event)Strata Devil Armor Summon Stone x1{br}Improved Tal Lasa Ring x2{br}Dazzling Spodumene-Lumin x5{br}Dazzling Obsidian-Lumin x5{br}(Event)Socket Processing Tranquilizer x30{br}(Event)Enchant Sedative(10 min.) x1{br}Enhance Booster x35{br}(Event)Master Card x1{br}(Event)Sara's Tear x1{br}(Event)Training Card G x100{br}(Event)Ruffino's Mysterious Pet Food(15days) x1{br}(Event)Pioneer Premium(15 days) x1
2. Period
29.10.2019 after MT ~ 05.11.2019 before MT

3. Condition
There is no specific condition to purchase.

The Items can be cancelled in 7 days from when you purchase. But it will be restricted if you already used or spent the items. - When you receive the item from "Leonardo Expresso" or "Get Cash Items", the moment you receive the items in your inventory or Cash Item Inventory, will be regarded as the using-the-item moment. Period gears will be equipped when you create the characters and the period time will be started to calculate automatically. Event items included in Extra Added Items can NOT be sold or traded.

Balance : 0 EG-Cash
Price : 5223 EG-Cash

You can receive your purchased item(s) by selecting "Get Cash Item" on top of the menu button in game.

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