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  • Pioneer Premium(30days)
    Price 1800 EG-Cash
1. Information
[Pioneer Premium] EXP+100%, Stance EXP+50%, Item Drop rate+50%, [Pattern of Star] Drop rate x2.5, [Rank Token] Drop rate+150%, Can enter the Ancient Territory except the Forgotten Territory and Sacred Sedecram.
2. Period

3. Condition
No Condition needed.

The Items can be cancelled in 7 days from when you purchase. But it will be restricted if you already used or spent the items. - When you receive the item from "Leonardo Expresso" or "Get Cash Items", the moment you receive the items in your inventory or Cash Item Inventory, will be regarded as the using-the-item moment. For Holy Lv.3(15 days), the time will be consumed right after opening the package. (Event) items among package items can NOT be traded or sold.

Balance : 0 EG-Cash
Price : 1800 EG-Cash

You can receive your purchased item(s) by selecting "Get Cash Item" on top of the menu button in game.

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