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New Possessive Character

Dragovan's Guardian CoA

"I'm a guardian. As Dragovan's Guardian,I ask you. What do you want?"


The Guardian of the tribe that worshiped snakes in ancient Altria She’s said to be gentle and warm. But, she’ll kill even the children, if they can do harm to her tribe.

Dragovan's Guardian CoA & Camellia Thea's Predator CoA Birth Story - Go Now

"Why, why… did you kill even the children? They don't have any combat…" "I heard of your child soldiers system. We're also thrown into the wild since childhood. There should be no threat to our tribe. This is ecosystem.   I'm a guardian to protect our tribe. On the other hand, however, I'm a predator obeying Jungle's rule. I don't protect them only because they're weak. Someone can be only one side to me, ally or enemy!" - Camellia Thea, Duke Rose grabbing dead boys' cold bodies, Dragovan's Guardian CoA staring them indifferently -

Character Info

Stance : Dadamos - EX
Martial arts Stance used by the tribe that worshiped snakes in ancient Altria.
Job Skill : Rahamu
Maximize Quetzalcoatl's Protection by using Dragovan's physical training way.
Weapon : Knuckle, Leg-Guards
Armor : Leather Armor