Granado Espada Europe

New Recruitment Character

Camellia Thea's Predator CoA

“You smell of weak one. Jungle's rule! I'm stronger. I'll eat you.”


She survived in the barren land of ancient Altria, as a girl. Because of the vicious test of an ancient priest, she was taken her soul by snakes' revengeful spirits. And she became a snake with human body. She had pursued only instincts and lived obeying only Jungle's rule. But, she has been regaining her identity as a human being, since she met Surveillant of stars called Fire's master. After the death of Novia called Ice Witch, Altria was opened and humans could enter. One day, she first met humans…

Dragovan's Guardian CoA & Camellia Thea's Predator CoA Birth Story - Go Now

"Priest. Odor. Stinks. Bad. I'll. Kill. You." "Did you meet my father?" "Stratavista. Lorenzo Guliano. He went against the flow of stars." "Where is my father? Tell me right away!" - Camellia Thea, CoA glaring fiercely, Emilia surrounded by swarming snakes -

Character Info

Stance : Dadamos - EX
Martial arts Stance used by the tribe that worshiped snakes in ancient Altria.
Job Skill : Esparu
Strengthen speed and reflexes by maximizing the sense of the snake.
Weapon : Knuckle, Leg-Guards
Armor : Leather Armor