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Savior loved by God

Ornella Chastti

“God! Please, save this people..”


Ornella was the saintess of the distorted world that is different from the present world. Martyred in the original world, she was saved by one man's strenuous efforts. She gave up her position as the saintess to become an ordinary citizen. By the way, the war against Abyss has been accelerted day by day. Now most of the world except Armonia was dominated by Abyss. Nevertheless, she didn't hate evil. Only she prayed and prayed for the salvation of all living creatures. Now that the last survivors believe she is the last hope to connect God with the earth, they're fighting desperately without losing hope.

Everybody, lots of suffering and ordeal will be coming in the future. But never give up. God loves you. I am sure! We will be saved and we can prove that God lives. More, much more... I have something to tell you... But... See you again by all means..."  - Ornella Chastti having the last conversation with two priests -

Character Info

Stance: Savior - Exclusive
Ultimate sacred stance. It directly exercises the power of God.
Job Skill: Heaven
Increases DEF by receiving the blessing of God.
Weapon: Rod, Staff
Armor: Robe

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