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“Holy war isn’t over yet!”

“For Armonia!!”


“Our Holy war is not over yet!” “For Armonia!!” In the distorted world that is different from the present world, the last commander of Crusaders is desperately fighting against the Abyss army. Even Apostadero fell to the enemy. Evacuating the survivors into the cathedral, Nike is leading the remaining Crusaders to guard the entrance of the cathedral. She was originally sweet and gentle. But, now she becoms very keen and excessively vigilant, owing to the long brutal wars against the Abyss army. Despite of the fierce attacks from the Abyss army, she is firmly protecting the cathedral, as she believes that the man who left for the mission will return to the cathedral.

Sirius: Do you think we can stop her? Are you crazy? Nike: No time to think about it. We must do… Absolutely! That's the last mission archbishop requested to us... Navas: Blonde Crusader? You must be… Well… No! I don't care~ Nike: This fight is to save the world! Crusaders, forward! - In the battle against Navas who invades the cathedral, distorted Armonia-

Character Info

Stance: Retribution - Exclusive
Reminds Nike and the allies who want to take revenge on the devils of fighting spirit.
Job Skill: Retribution
The will to protect the precious strengthens Nike and her allies.
Weapon: Blunt, Shield
Armor: Leather Armor, Metal Armor

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