Granado Espada Europe

Burlon succeeding the Walts


“For the world without the abandoned”


Moon is the legendary Burlon who raged himself prior to Sainquis sisters. Under the influence of Waltz brothers who were always on the move saving the abandoned, he continuously fought to succeed their will. As Sainquis sisters are raging in Vespanolal to succeed following Burlon's will, he retired from duty to a secluded life. After receiving the letters of Oswaltz and Hermes, however, he heads for Altria with his rifle.

Tom: Uncle, where are you going again? Moon: I think they made trouble again… But… This time it's a little bigger. Tom: You said you'd already retired. It was a lie. Moon: Tom, I retired. But I have to do it if I can do. You remember what I always say, don't you? Tom: Of course! How can I forget it... Thanks to it, I can live now. For the world without the abandoned... Moon: Right, that's it.   - Receiving Hermes' letter, Moon heads for Altria -

Character Info

Stance: Barbatos - Exclusive
Moon exclusive marksmanship. Uses the special bullets made of Devil's claws.
Job Skill: Reload Bullet
Reloads specially manufactured steel bullets.
Weapon: Rifle
Armor: Coat