Granado Espada Europe


“If not qualified, intruders will be dead...”


She is the captain of Homonculous Guardians that keeps the heritage of Quiritatio. During her long hibernation, Orden has moved and Star's Surveillant powered Quiritatio. That's why she was awakened. Though lots of knowledge was infused into her by Quiritatio, Cassandra is still poor at human emotions. By the way, while overpowering the pioneers who intruded into Quiritatio to steal its mysterious treasures, she slowly opened her eyes to [emotion]...

Star's Surveillant: Why did you come out of Quiritatio? Cassandra: Don't care. Star's Surveillant: That's why I told Father not to give emotion to a doll... He is really mischievous... Cassandra: I just wonder what makes them burn themselves so violently, fiercely and beautifully. Star's Surveillant: Is it important? Don't be hurt, doll! If so, I will be scolded by Father. Remember! You are the very special doll Father made...

Character Info

Stance: Filo - Exclusive
Melee Stance that crushes enemy's armor by putting out Herculean strength as Quiritatio's guardian.
Job Skill: Ratio
Destroys enemy's armor by inflicting Quiritatio's Magical power.
Weapon: Polearm
Armor: Metal Armor

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