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Barrel Master Sergeant

“Let's call it a day and go to have a drink!!”


Bristia Army Soldier. No royalty to the country and no zeal for being a good soldier. After the special accident, however, he decided to be a righteous soldier and protect his country and comrades. Many soldiers trust in Barrel, as he has been always optimistic and energetic in the army. But, his private life seems to be problematic. Barrel is said to be Colonel Archel's Problem…

“Barrel!!!” “Yes, Sir! You're here! Then... Captain, I’m seeing you double!... Hey, madam! Bring some drink for captain.” “Always sitting on a VIP seat of RED HAT instead of setting an example of Bristia Army!!!” “Khahaha! If you suddenly scream... No... I feel sick to my stomach... In that sense... Captain, Cheers! By the way, what should we shout for Cheers? Um... Ah! My father always said that. Let's say it for today! Cheers!!! For Bristia's victory...” - Master Sergeant Barrel is having a party in RED HAT after getting ready to go to the front -

Character Info

Stance: Prid - Exclusive
He advanced the stance by adding his original style to the marksmanship used in Bristia Army.
Job Skill: Drunken
Has a drink.
Drinking alcohol to some degree, its effect increases. But, too much drinking causes side effects.
Weapon: Pistol
Armor: Coat

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