Granado Espada Europe


“Don't miss the light.
The light will lead you..”


Archbishop of the distorted world that is different from the present world.
When Armonia retreated to Apostadero after defeating in 2nd Holy War, Ornella Chastti saved Armonia through her noble sacrifice. On the other hand, Van received oracles to abandon Memento Mori's power and succeeded in obtaining the enormous divine power. Through the divine power, he could save Ornella as well as Armonia.
When he arrived at Armonia, however, the war nobles of the New World who had helped to defeat First Devil were killed by Orden. Eventually, First Devil resurrected and swallowed Armonia and then the world…
Many heroes died and returned to God. Only despair remained. Nevertheless, Archbishop and remaining warriors are fighting desperately with faith and hope.
Relying on the last hope, he is trying to end this hellish war, as he always did.

Ornella: What will happen to us?
Archbishop: Divine grace defends us. Don't lose the hope. We must lead the remaining people. If you waver, everyone will waver. I'm sure we will win in the end and bring glory to God. For Armonia... - Archbishop and Ornella in Armonia Cathedral -

Character Info

Stance: Messia - Exclusive
Magic stance. True faith raises God's power to the maximun and makes miracles.
Job Skill: Anthem
Raises the ability of surrounding allies by revealing God's power through prayer.
Weapon: Magic Scroll
Armor: Robe


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