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Princess Sakura

15 Q&A

  • 1. Name My name is Sakura Yoshino, the youngest daughter of the Yoshino family.
  • 2. Age I am 19 years old~ Do I look much younger?
  • 3. Height 167cm
  • 4. Weight It's rude to ask lady's weight. But, I'm cheerful Sakura. 46kg!
  • 5. Occupation I'm still young now… Please, consider me as a wandering Martial arts warrior like Asoka!
  • 6. Weapon Polearm I also learned swordsmanship from my master. But, it didn't match me. The Polearm is the best weapon for my hand!
  • 7. Favorite food Dumpling, Sweets Although my parents told me to watch out the stranger who buys delicious food. But, I can't refuse dumpling! I love sweets.
  • 8. Dislikes Pimento I hate pimento's unique spicy and crunch taste… If I eat it, I think, I'll cry. During the voyage to here, I saw some people vomitting pemento. Absolutely, pimento isn't my type.
  • 9. Hobby Having a siesta I feel sorry. But, I need plenty of sleep. Owing to the habit, I was often scolded by my master. Hehe!
  • 10. Habit Having a siesta I feel sorry. But, I need plenty of sleep. Owing to the habit, I was often scolded by my master. Hehe!
  • 11. Country Well… My father has lots of land and money, but I'm not interested in those things. By the way, where is Asoka?
  • 12. Ideal type Nothing specific. My master could be an ideal type… Senior Liung is too sly… Senior Beak Ho lacks flexibility...
  • 13. Growing environment My father is the feudal lord of Daimyo, the Far East Island that you never heard of. My parents asked what I want to do in the future. And I wanted to become a warrior. Then, Asoka was my father's swordsman. Asoka told me that he competed with many warriors to practice martial arts. I longed to resemble him and wanted to make the experience in the outside world! So, I became a disciple of [White Dragon], the best Martial arts Master in the East. I could form ties with other disciples and compete with them under White Dragon. Returning home, I continuously competed with many warriors. By the way, I found the letter of [Asoka] one day. The letter said that there are lots of various stronger warriors in the New World. Her story is strong enough to guide me to here. And I received another letter from my master. A short message from Master ... 'Come to Altria.' Now, I'm going to head for Altria with you.
  • Jin, Beak Ho, Liung, Misa, White Dragon My master is absolutely the best in the East! I'm sure!! Senior Beak Ho lacks flexibility and has bad temper, but he's a good person. Senior Liung is... too sly… Sister Misa is… I think that she'll go through fire and water, when she picks one thing…
  • 15. Opponent relationship Soso, Sorang, Asoka I heard that the daughters of Imperial Guard of Dang are staying in the New World. Senior Liung told that they're really strong. I want to fight with them someday. Asoka is… the mountain I should cross.
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Character Info

Stance : Cherry blossom - EX
The exotic spearmanship that wields the spear like cherry blossoms' dancing to control enemies.
Job Skill : Blade Waltz
Get rid of idle thoughts and calm down the restless mind to reach the full attention.
Weapon : Polearm
Armor : Leather Armor

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