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Sakura Yoshino

Cherry blossom girl who comes to meet Asoka


Sakura is the youngest daughter of the Yoshino family, one of many feudal lords in the Far East Island. Since childhood, she has longed to become a warrior. With her mother's help, she could be a disciple of [White Dragon], the best Martial arts Master in the East. Returning home, Sakura continuously competed with many warriors. She sometimes won or sometimes lost. During the process, she could practice military arts. One day, she saw the letter of [Asoka], her father's swordswoman and secretly headed to the New World that's said to be filled with strong men...

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Asoka : "Sakura, how can you be here?" Sakura : "Hahaha, your letter guided me to here!!" Asoka : "...Although I'm not your guardian, I have considerable responsibility in your Runaway... General won't forgive me." Sakura : "Don't worry. I can protect myself. Let's go!!!" Asoka : "...You're not changed at all..."

Character Info

Stance : Cherry blossom - EX
The exotic Spearmanship that wields the spear like cherry blossoms' dancing to control enemies.
Job Skill : Blade Waltz
Get rid of idle thoughts and calm down the restless mind to reach the full attention.
Weapon : Polearm
Armor : Leather Armor

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