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New Ruler of Abyss


"Please, don't make me disappointed. Let's get along~" Navas returned to the ground through a contract with human. After the disappearance of the first demon and the deceitful Abyss, she wanted to be a ruler of Abyss. But, owing to absence of Abyss power that maintained Abyss world subtly, Abyss monarchs gain power in every place to try to become a new ruler. Navas, who had used most of military power in the war against Armonia, judged that it's impossible to suppress them without damage. So, she made a contract with a woman. Now, she returns to the ground to get some help from the humans who destroyed the first demon.

Navas Birth Story - Go Now

Vincent: Navas!!! Navas: Don't scream. I'm not deaf. Vincent: What made you come here this time? Navas: I'm not interested in the ground anymore. Just... I need your power. I want to borrow the power of the humans who defeated the father of Abyss, called first and strongest in the past. Van: You know what will happen? If you do something silly… Navas: Don't say so scarily. Anyway, I can remember lots of delicious memories here… I'm sorry to Claudia, but I must go find them~"

Character Info

Stance : Void - Exclusive
Abyss ruler's magic stance, which absorbs the power of Abyss and realizes it through Magic Bracelet.
Job Skill : Al Rosa
Gives a strong shock to absorb the magical power of living creatures around.
Weapon : Bracelet (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Special)
Armor : Robe, Coat