Granado Espada Europe

New Possessive Characterr

Fox Who Chases Other Fox

“"I'm looking for my ugly brother. Please, give me some info.~”


A young female fox from the fox tribe that had practiced Taoist magic in Mountain Kyewall of [Coria], faraway Eastern country... Actually a little old... As her godmother lay sick in bed owing to her runaway brother, she left for Granado Espada to capture her brother. Collecting some information at RED HAT in Bristia, Miho heard that someone saw a fox-eared man in Reboldoeux. Now, she's running to there...

Taikbin: Hey, lady! Do you have time for dinner? I'm free!! Miho: I know I'm pretty. But, I'm so expensive. If you want to meet me, ask Madam Heyran to register your name in the waiting list! By the way, have you ever seen this guy? If so, I can put your name on the top in the list~. You know him? Really? Thanks for your info. Come see me later!! - Fox siblings who encountered each other at the bench, Reboldoeux -

Character Info

Stance: Nine Tail - Exclusive
Uses the magic called as Taoist Magic by the foxes living in Mountain Kyewall
Job Skill: Soul of Fox
Releases the suppressed instinct of fox.
Weapon: Special Bracelet
Armor: Coat

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