Granado Espada Europe

New Possessive Characterr

Fox Who wanna be Taoist Master

“I want to be Taoist Master!!”


A young male fox from the fox tribe that had practiced Taoist magic in Mountain Kyewall of [Coria], faraway Eastern country.. Not really young.. Anyway, once he was diligent in training, he met a grandpa called Military God who came to see his godmother. Miha heard lots of stories about the outside world from him and had a longing for the world. On the day when he was tired of training to become Taoist Master, he decided to leave home. As expected, lots of adventures welcomed him. Miha grew up day by day, going through the world. Finally he arrived at Granado Espada and enjoyed his new life. By the way, the shadow of other fox is chasing him behind...

Miha: Hearing I failed to complete the mission, godmother must be angry... Miho: Fox, you, fox! What are you doing? Miha: I'm eating... H..huh? Miho: Eating? Can you swallow something in your throat? Miha: Wait!! Sister, why are you here? Miho: Can ​​you imagine how hard I tried to find out you?! So stupid fox! I'll kill you!! - Fox siblings who encountered each other at the bench, Reboldoeux -

Character Info

Stance: Nine Tail - Exclusive
Uses the magic called as Taoist Magic by the foxes living in Mountain Kyewall
Job Skill: Spirit of Fox
Draws the suppressed wild nature of fox.
Weapon: Special Bracelet
Armor: Leather Armor