Granado Espada Europe

Krin's Assistant Jawed

“Reng… We came in Granado Espada at last...”



Zaved was born to the alchemist mother who investigated Chimera and the mercenary father from Ciam in Porto Bello. The family's happiness ended when Porto Bello was flooded with beasts and pirates after the death of Ferruccio Espada. Her family tried to escape to Coimbra. But, beasts blocked them and they went to St. Cathrina Saloon. During the escape, her father was killed by monsters. Her mother made [Reng] to protect Zaved and herself by utilizing beasts. Putting [Reng] in the bag, she tried to escape St. Cathrina Saloon with Jawed. While escaping there, her mother made another Chimera to block the beasts swarming up. But the Chimera went out of control abruptly and ate Zaved's mother. Zaved safely came to Porto Bello Deck under the protection of [Reng] and encountered with Karin who had come in Porto Bello to investigate anomalies. Karin helped Zaved escape from there. With Karin and [Reng], Zaved arrived in Illier and joined Magic Corps. She has worked as Krin's Assistant to engage in Venom and Chimera research in there. Working with Karin for a long time, Zaved also has been suspicious of anomalies in Porto Bello. So, she asked Karin about it several times, but Karin has kept silent In the end, [Zaved] decided to begin investigating Granado Espada lonely. Luckily, she got the chance to move to Granado Espada due to the request of Teresia who needs Karin's Elixir. Now, she can start..

Zaved : Teresia, get this. Karin sent Elixir… Teresia : Zaved! I had a~ hard time~ Zaved : Then.. I go now. Teresia : Uh? Zaved! Where are you going? Zaved : … I have to go somewhere ... - Giving Teresia Krin's Elixir in Reboldoeux, Zaved leaves for Porto Bello -

Character Info

Stance : Intoxication - Exclusive
Magic Stance. Developed by utilizing Magic Corps' Venom magic and [Reng].
Job Skill: Wake Reng
Wakes up Reng sleeping in the bag to prepare for battle.
Weapon: Magic Scroll
Armor: Robe