Granado Espada Europe

Angry Harry's Stolen Ribbon

27.11.2018 after Maintenance ~ 11.12.2018 before Maintenance

Clear Daily Quest and Bring "Red Ribbo" n to Angry Newbie NPC Harry!!

NPC Harry's Special Benefits

Whenever talking to Harry NPC during the event, can get “Harry's Special Buff"!((Duration : 10 hours))

NPC Harry's Request

Event NPC Harry appears at the Reboldoeux fountain. Please, grant his request! Harry is very angry now. Because his "Red Ribbon" was stolen. Let's bring him new ribbons!! Defeating various monsters in the field, you can obtain red ribbons. Harry's Supplies and Special Buff will be given for reward~ ((Only once a day))

Rewards for Daily Quest~
Harry's Ticket x3
Enchant Chip Veteran x10
Enchant Chip Expert x5

Ticket Exchange Items


  1. 1. When the event ends, Harry's ticket will be deleted.
  2. 2. Every Reward item can't be traded or discarded.
  3. 3. When the event ends, [Harry's Special Buff] will be deleted.