Granado Espada Europe


  1. Entering the village, Quest is given automatically & Talk to NPC Leona around Reboldoeux Central Fountain area
  2. Talke to Leona after obtaining [Basket to hold Rose] x10 (Rank 1=Basket to hold Rose x1, Rank 3=Basket to hold Rose x3)
  3. Rewards for completing Quest
    • Spring Rose x50
    • Pet Food x3 ~ 5 (randomly)
    • Steroid Potion x1 ~ 2 (randomly)
    • Principal Potion x1 ~ 3 (randomly)
    ※ Using Boosting Package or Pioneer Boosting Package, can get Spring Rose x100
  4. Collect Spring Roses and exchange them with your wanted item

Spring Rose Shop Items

  • Johanna's Costume Box x 1500 more
    Spring Rose Exchange Items
    • (Event) Cano Brown School Look
    • (Event) Cano Green School Look
    • (Event) Gracielo Green School Look
    • (Event) Gracielo After-school School Look
    • (Event) Nena Brown School Look
    • (Event) Nena Green School Look
    • (Event) Blue Flame/Student P. Ludin Pink Summer C.
    • (Event) Blue Flame/Student P. Ludin Blue Summer C.
    • (Event) Ramiro Summer Costume
    • (Event) Viki Summer Costume
    • (Event) Judith White Summer Costume
    • (Event) Judith Red Summer Costume
    • (Event) Empyrium Judith White Summer Costume
    • (Event) Empyrium Judith Blue Summer Costume
    • (Event) Doom of Carvas - Sault
    • (Event) Doom of Carvas - Karat
    • (Event) Viator Shaman
    • (Event) Lady Baselrane - Isaac
    • (Event) Lady Baselrane - Kael
    • (Event) Daisy Fantasma Costume
    • (Event) Jaina Enpermera Costume
  • Barrack Slot License x 100
  • Weapon Costume Coupon x 800
  • Red Devil's Wing(7 days) x 500
  • Master Card x 1000
  • Weapon C.S.S.-Curse x 1000
  • Weapon C.S.S.- Character x 1000
  • Weapon C.S.S.- Vernier x 1000

Quest Com. Extra Rewards

2 times
Training Card G x30
5 times
Veteran G EXP Card x30
Expert G EXP Card x30
8 times
Constellation Weapon Summon Stone x5
10 times
Evil Weapon Summon Stone x4
15 times
Johanna's Costume Box x1
18 times
Strata Devil Weapon Summon Stone x3
20 times
Strata Devil Armor Summon Stone x3

Spring Rose Exchange Items

Step 1 - Required Spring Rose x300
Pioneer's Experimen. Weapon Coupon x3
Pioneer's Experimen. Armor Coupon x3
Pioneer's Experimen. Accessory Coupon x3
Enhanced Steroid Liquor x30
Principal Potion x30
Pet Food x50
Step 2 - Required Spring Rose x400
Equipment Preset Drill x3
Triumph Potion x30
Dazzling Rumin Box x7
Custom Wing Coupon (30 days) x3
Combat Manual - Master(7 days) x1
Drop Manual - Master(7 days) x1
Training Card G x50
Step 3 - Required Spring Rose x500
Soul Crystal x50
Veteran G EXP Card x50
Expert G EXP Card x50
Panfilo's Lunch Box x3
Custom Weapon CostumeCoupon (30 days) x3
Step 4 - Required Spring Rose x600
Character Card Box Ⅲ x1
Enhanced Steroid Liquor x30
Ana's Tear x10
Sara's Tear x3
Triumph Liquor x20
Step 5 - Required Spring Rose x700
Collection Sacred Character Card Box x1
Principal Liquor x20
Master Card x3
Johanna's Costume Box x1