Granado Espada Europe

New Year's P. J.

Provides total 14 items for 14 days by one item per day!

Usage Period
29 days
Number of Rewards
14 items

Can get it only with achieved Family Lv. 20/Achievement Score 1000 or above.

New Year's Pioneer Journal Daily Items

Can use New Year's Pioneer Journal by double-clicking. Usage period is 29 days.

  • Crusader's Shiny Necklace(15 day) x1
  • Crusader's Shiny Earring (15 day)x1
  • 33-grade Weapon Box x2
  • Steroid Liquor x20
  • Master Card x2
  • 34-grade Weapon Box x2
  • Soul Crystal x50
  • Triumph Liquor x10
  • 35-grade Weapon Box x1
  • Socket Processing Tranquilizer x15
  • Principal Potion x30
  • 36-grade Weapon Box x1
  • Enchant Sedative (5 min.) x1
  • Character Card Box Ⅲ x1

Sierra’s Present

After collecting New Year's Wish Sierra will give, exchange them with your wanted item.

How to obtain Sierra’s New Year's Wish

  1. Entering the village, Quest is given automatically every day.
  2. Completing Sierra's Quest, Can obtain the following 5 Reward items!
    • New Year's Wish x5
    • Soul Crystal x3~5
    • Principal Ampule x3~5
    • Enchant Chip Veteran x10~20
    • Enchant Chip Expert x10~15
  3. Exchange collected New Year's Wish, with the wanted item.

Extra Benefit

Completing Sierra's Quest, Can receive a buff from Sierra NPC.

Buff Duration
8 hours
  • ATK to Monster +15%
  • Damage from monster -10%
  • Combat/Stance EXP +20%

Sierra's New Year's Wish Store

  • Tyrving of Diarinx1
  • Tyrving of Diren x1
  • Enigma x1
  • Electric Buster x1
  • Lord-of-Death x1
  • Tooth of Quetzalcoatl x1
  • Wing of Quetzalcoatl x1
  • Sanctuary of Barisada x1
  • Chain of Purification x1
  • Chain of Executor x1
  • Chain of Kats x1
  • New Year's Gift Box x1 more

    ‘New Year's Gift Box’ Reward Items

    Opening the box, one of the following items will be given at random.

    • Pet Box(Barong) x1
    • Portable Steel Bullet Box(1 day) x1
    • Portable Steel Bolt Box(1 day) x1
    • Portable Full Metal Shell Box(1 day) x1
    • Portable Large Caliber Bullet Box(1 day) x1
    • Portable Elemental Spear Box(1 day) x1
    • Portable Psychic Spear Box(1 day) x1
    • Pet Food x5
    • Melee Enhance Ampule(1MCC) x1
    • Shooting Enhance Ampule (1MCC) x1
    • Magic Enhance Ampule (1MCC) x1
    • Richard's Ring Box x1
    • Genos' Ring Box x1
    • Chester's Ring Box x1
    • Veiren's Ring Box x1
    • Curan's Ring Box x1
    • Medal of Honor A x1
  • 33-grade Weapon Box x1
  • 34-grade Weapon Box x1
  • 35-grade Weapon Box x1
  • Weapon Costume Summon S.– Vernier x1
  • Weapon Costume Summon S.– Curse x1
  • Weapon Costume Summon S.– Character x1
  • Veteran G EXP Card x1
  • Expert G EXP Card x1
  • Training Card G x1