Granado Espada Europe

Rudolph had a very shiny nose~

Escort the Red Nosed Rudolph to Santa Barrel safely!

Rudolph and Santa Barrel will give Presents~

18.12.2018 Before Maintenance ~ 01.08.2019 After Maintenance
  1. Talk to event NPC Santa Barrel around Reboldoeux Fountain to proceed the mission
  2. uard Red Nosed Rudolph and defeat bad monsters!
Mission Clear Reward ONE!!
Obtain Rudolph's Small Gift Box x5
Open the Gift Box and get Items
Mission Clear Reward TWO!!
Obtain Santa Barrel's Ticket x5
Exchange Tickets with Wanted Items
Rudolph's Small Gift Box Items Barrel's Ticket Exchange Items

New Year's Present from Santa Grabber

Thanks! Santa Grabber ~

Santa Grabber's abilities are enhanced during the event.

18.12.2018 Before Maintenance ~ 01.08.2019 After Maintenance

Do you have NO Santa Grabber? CAN buy it in Feso Shop with 50,000 Feso.

Activating Santa Grabber, following benefits are given.

  • Item Pick-up Speed/Cognizance upgraded!
  • Grabber Exclusive Buff
    • - ATK to Monster +10%
    • - IMM +5
    • - PEN +5
    • - DEF +10
    • - Critical +5
    • - Move SPD +10%
  • 51 Items drop randomly(Get Only on the Field)
Santa Grabber's Item list

Happy Tree~~ At any time Extra Buff Available!!

Christmas Tree Buff

During the event, click ‘Christmas Tree’ around Reboldoeux, Central Fountain and enjoy Buff benefit!

18.12.2018 Before Maintenance ~ 01.08.2019 After Maintenance
  • Combat EXP +50%
  • stance EXP +50%
  • Item Drop Rate +25%

With one click, Christmas Buff benefit lasts 10 hours..

Items of Rudolph & Santa Grabber

  • [Innocentio] Manual x1show character nameValleria
  • [Soulbringer] Manual x1show character nameGrandies
  • [Heavy Stinger] Manual x1show character nameCaisse
  • [Punisher] Manual x1show character nameLeonele/Caisse
  • [Placidez] Manual x1show character nameAnis
  • [Creacion] Manual x1show character nameVan
  • [Rosa Secreta] Manual x1show character nameLeona Vernier
  • [Violeta Perro] Manualshow character nameNena
  • [Corsair] Manual x1show character nameAdelina/Pirate Adelina
  • [Carrier] Manual x1show character nameAdriana/Cadet Adriana
  • [Lord-of-Death] Manual x1show character nameKurt
  • Richard's Ring Box x1
  • Curan's Ring Box x1
  • Veiren's Ring Box x1
  • Genos's Ring Box x1
  • Chester's Ring Box x1
  • Soul Crystal x1
  • Principal Ampule x1
  • Veteran G EXP Card x1
  • Veteran B EXP Card x1
  • Expert G EXP Card x1
  • Expert G EXP Card x1
  • Training Card A x1
  • Training Card B x1
  • Training Card G x1
  • Medal of Honor A x1
  • Medal of Honor B x1
  • EXP Card Lv.71 x1
  • Portable Steel Bullet Box (1 day) x1
  • Portable Steel Bolt Box (1 day) x1
  • Portable Full Metal Shell Box (1 day) x1
  • Portable Large Caliber Bullet Box (1 day) x1
  • Portable Elemental Sphere Box (1 day) x1
  • Portable Psychic Sphere Box (1 day) x1
  • Mechanical Soldier's Screw x1
  • Magical Rose x1
  • Titanium Alloy x1
  • Bloody Tooth x1
  • Bloody Nail x1
  • Dead Man's Leg Bone x1
  • Booty on The First Hunt x1
  • Amaranthine Rose x1
  • Vampire's Heart x1
  • Moon Piece x1
  • Complicated Part x1
  • Complicated Machine x1
  • Vampire's Heart x1
  • Eagle's Eyeball x1
  • Steel Shell x1
  • Smelted Steel x1
  • Oblivion Doll's Clockwork x1

Santa Barrel's Ticket Exchange Items

Santa Hat (Basic Charac. only) - 티켓10개
Adelina Santa Hat - 티켓10개
Bernelli Santa Hat - 티켓10개
Emilia Santa Hat - 티켓10개
Calyce Santa Hat - 티켓10개
Santa Barrel Hat - 티켓20개
Black Santa Barrel Hat - 티켓20개
Valleria Santa Hair - 티켓10개
Asoka Santa Hair - 티켓10개
Catherine Christmas Hair - 티켓10개
Leona Charmant Hair- 티켓20개
Code Name L Charmant Hair - 티켓20개
Leona Black Charman Hair - 티켓20개
Code Name L Black Charmant Hair - 티켓20개
Fighter Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Musketeer Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Scout Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Wizard Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Warlock Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Adelina Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Bernelli Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Emilia Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Calyce Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Asoka Santa Costume - 티켓15개
Catherine Christmas Costume - 티켓15개
Santa Barrel Costume - 티켓30개
Black Santa Barrel Costume - 티켓30개
Leona Charmant Costume - 티켓30개
Code Name L Charmant Costume - 티켓30개
Leona Black Charmant Costume - 티켓30개
Code Name L Black Charmant Costume - 30
Expert G EXP Card - 2
Training Card G - 3
Snow Angel Wing Coupon - 10