Granado Espada Europe

New Recruitment Character

Ancient Altria's Descendant Ru

“Hey, new face! Give me something to eat!!”


Human warrior raised by Karima, the new owner of the ruined ancient Altria civilization. After the collapse of Altria civilization, Kapeluna clan had been threatened by powerful monsters. In order to survive, they were humiliatingly obliged to depend on Karima's power. Ru is a descendant of Kapeluna. But, winning the favor of Queen Karima, he was raised as a member of Karima equally. Ru always looks innocent and no one knows what he thinks. Since he has lived as Karima, however, even Karima is astounded at his instinctive madness for hunting.

Ru: Wow, you have lots of food. What a greedy race ~ Adriana: Humans prefer to trade! If you want food, pay for it! " Ru: No! Why do I have to be advised by the one who is weaker than I? Adriana: You can't be my opponent! Ru: If you want to be beaten so deadly… I'll kill you! - Adriana of Vespanola 2nd Fleet confronting with Ru leading Karima in front of Portus warehouse -

Character Info

Stance : Karima - Exclusive
[Karima is Ru exclusive Melee stance. He made his own stance by applying [Karima]'s combat tactic.
Job Skill: Machetau
Quickly digests food and prepares to eat the next food. The digested food ramins for a certain time.
Weapon: Crescent
Armor: Leather Armor