Granado Espada Europe

Mysterious Lyndon Box

Somehow mysterious Item Box! Which Item do you think in there?

05.11.2019 after MT ~ 19.11.2019 before MT
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  • 1

    Cash used for purchasing Lyndon box is not refundable.

  • 2

    Purchased Lyndon boxes are un-exchangable, un-tradable and can not be discarded.

  • 3

    ou can only open a Lyndon box within the event period, remained boxes after the event can be opened only during the next Lyndon box event period.

  • 4

    Bonus items for 100th, 200th, 300th box will be counted by how many boxes have been opened and not by how many have been purchased.

  • 5

    When e vent ends, accumulated number will be initialized.

  • 6

    When the box would be open in next event period, the items will be adjusted by the next event list, not before event item list.