Granado Espada Europe

Let’s get out of the barracks! Barrack Escaping Project for Character Rebooting

Our Lhote been changed!

3rd of May 2018 after Maintenance ~ 22nd of May 218 before Maintenance

Character Rebooting To all the characters that has been waiting in Barrack without having the chance to show their abilities, we providing the chance to realize their dream of pioneering and we cheering all the barrack characters against the new challenges.

Is that all you can do? I will make you to regret that you challenged me !

"When Adelina went around the sea, I longed for her and became the pirate. After 3 years war, I felt boring about the life and headed for new continent to see Adelina."

Character Information

Use Stance
Back Guard, Combatant, Defender
Exclusive Stance
Piracy Mounted axes on both hands and showing dreadful power
Usable Weapon
Blunt, Shield, Sword, Sabre
Equip Armor
Leader Armor

How to Join

Totally changed Lhote & Whac-A-Mole Game! Reach 70k points and get beautiful rewards!
  • STEP-1: Talk with Event NPC Lhote at Reboldoeux fountain area and allow the mission
  • STEP-2: Do the game of "Whac-A-Mole" and proceed
  • STEP-3: Reach 70k points and talk to Lhote and get 3 kinds of mission rewards
  • STEP-4: Gather "Lhote's Doll" and exchange with desired Item

Exchange Items by Lhote's Doll

You can exchange from Lhote.
  • Combat Manual-Expert (7 days) x 1
  • Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (30 days) x 1
  • Expert Stance Book Coupon (Event) x 1
  • Equipment preset drill x 1
  • Ancient En Celar Pass - 3 Days x 1
  • Tears of Sara x 1
  • Master Card x 1
  • Lhote Card x 1


  1. 1. All event reward items are not possible to trade or abandon.
  2. 2. When event ends, Lhote's Doll item will be all erased.
  3. 3. When not reached 70k, re-challenge is possible.