Granado Espada Europe


“Violence is the fastest way to make people repent, allowed by God.”


Sick of the power struggle within the church, Hildegard had left the cathedral for a while and engaged in external missionary work with a few monk priests. By the way, former Archbishop Vega was mysteriously missing and excommunicated. And then, Hildegard was appointed as a new archbishop.She returned to the cathedral at the request of Ludio II. Perhaps owing to her ill temper, the things in the cathedral never remain untouched. Especially on the day of Cathedral meeting organized by Bishop Lennon, young pope looks close to tears. Although she doesn't look like a person of religion, Hildegard loves and cares about humans more than anyone else.

Lennon: Oh my god! Impossible to drink alcohol at a meeting! Hildegard: Don't talk like a milksop! Alcohol is a gift given by God. I can't help enjoying the gift as God's child! Lennon: Do you know how much tax is spent for the liquor? Hildegard: Tax? Did you mention 'TAX'? Who pays for the tax? God's little poor children have collected their pocket money to maintain Holy City Armonia. By the way, why does the money go into your pockets? Just for indulging your desires! Don't you know that the money is melted away just like that? I won't permit it any more. Ah..! I get riled up again. Hey, come closer to me. Come!! Do you run away? Stop! You want to die? Hey!!! - In Cathedral meeting, Bishop running away hurriedly and Archbishop Iron Fist following him -

Character Info

Stance: Clabuster - Exclusive
Melee Attack Stance. Creates Sanctuary by using Magic Scroll and beats the enemies within Sanctuary.
Job Skill: Menesis
Creates [Sanctuary] with Magic Scroll and prepares for hand-to-hand fighting.
Weapon: Magic Scroll
Armor: Leather Armor

Screen Shots