Granado Espada Europe

Resistrance Heyran

Bloody Rose


Resistance Intelligent of the distorted world that is different from the present world. In the final battle of the Independence War, Heyran lost everything. Her nation, colleagues and her most precious being… The lady she considered more important than her life… When Moderate Resistance's leader Caisse and Hawk Resistance's leader JD decided to divide the remaining Resistance, she joined JD's group without hesitation. For Heyran who has assassinated main commanders of Bloody Navy, only the cause of independence and the personal revenge against White Devil are her driving force.

Marchetti: My popularity never fades... Come out! I know you're there. Heyran: Dr. Marchette, I want to know the reason before killing you. Why did you do that? Marchetti: I just weighed two clients for the better profit. In the end, I decided to move for Vespanola, just because Vespanola offered me the better condition. Countess Lucia signed to provide me with Lady Valeria's body for research, if I can behead you all. Meanwhile, Bristia's conditions were too bad. Heyran: Only for that reason... Gracy... Marchetti: Anyway, you can make a separate deal with me, if you want. Nicknamed White-haired sniper? I’ve kept her body frozen, even if it was torn here and there. If you bring me the necks of Kielce's Hound and Achel's Wolf, I'll exchange her body with them. Heyran: I'll kill you. Marchetti: Maybe, If you can? - Heyran and Marchetti talking before the frozen silver-haired lady in Dr. Marchetti's lab -

Character Info

Stance: Bloody Rose - Exclusive
Reckless combat stance. Heyran abandoned her current combat style using the elegant movements and adopted the reckless style reminding a bloody rose.
Job Skill: Dagger Polish
Sharpens the Jackal blade to give enemies a mortal wound during normal attacks.
Weapon: Dagger
Armor: Leather Armor