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Queen of Ancient Valkyrie


Valkyrie who becomes a human. Freya was taken everything including even freedom by Star's Messenger who had released from confinement. By the way, Star's Messenger lost all his power owing to an incident. So, she could regain her freedom and be reborn into the human body. But, during the process, she lost her memory and most of her power. Since then, Freya has wandered around in search of her own existence. Until she meets the woman named 'Fire's Master' in the Altria Mountains...

Charlotte: You're… Freya: Do you know who I am? Charlotte: Have you lost your memory? Alas! Father is really indifferent… Freya : I have no memory. Except… I remember that I was Valkyrie to fight on the battlefield for Star's Owner… Charlotte : Okay. That's enough. Now, you have plenty of time. You'd better take a journey in order to find yourself. You got the freedom you had really longed for. May Father bless you! - Charlotte encounters Freya who is crossing the Altria mountains -

Character Info

Stance: Geirskogul - Exclusive
Melee Attack Stance made by transforming the Javelin combat skill which was handed down to Valkyrie from the ancient times.
Job Skill: Gullin
Offends the opponent by using Javelin and shows Queen's dignity with Javelin.
Weapon: Javelin
Armor: Leather Armor

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