Granado Espada Europe

Immortal going through the human life



Nicknamed 'Fire's Master' or 'Star's Surveillant', Charlotte is one of 5 Elements’ Owners. After seeing and hearing lots of happenings in Quiritatio, Charlotte considered the human life and wanted to experience it in person. Returning to her original apprearance, she goes into pioneers' lives. She seems to be overly optimistic and free from solicitude. But, she becomes nervous whenever her blood sugar level is low. If so... It seems that her character isn't very affectionate or benignant.

Aclla: Why did you become a human? The highly noble... Charlotte: Not that much! As my job is over, you don't need to worry about it. Lada: Atlas won't stand still. Aisha: Ice Witch will also... Charlotte: Don't care~ Now, it's the human's era. Let's not mention the stories of the gods anymore. By the way, what should I do now? Right! At first, I'd better go to Altria~ I remember that Atlas buried the burning bull there~ - Charlotte meeting with the goddess of 5 Elements who are human beings now -

Character Info

Stance: Lama - Exclusive
Fire Magic Stance of the woman who was an immortal using Ancient God's power.
Job Skill: Dioses
Enhances Fire Magic by embracing Essence of Fire.
Weapon: Fire Bracelet
Armor: Leather Armor, Coat

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