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Cadet Romina

“Please, cherish life! I hope we’ll come back together..”


Romina is the cadet of Vespanola Military Academy. As a general citizen, she had difficulty in entering the Military Academy. Nevertheless, in the early days as the cadet, she maintained Field Manual in every part of her life and became a model for junior cadets. But now, she is tired of the curriculum focusing on only killing hostile targets. Seeing her fellow and friend Jesús who has grown up together since childhood entering 'Rescue Knights', she finds the true goal of her life.

Jesús: Dear Romina! I think the war where everybody kills one another is fundamentally wrong. But as long as humans live in different nations, wars can break out anywhere. So, my dream is to save and defend those who survive in the battlefield. I want to protect them. Although the end is miserable... I hope you will have the same dream, my friend. - The last letter from Jesús who enlists in Rescue Knights -

Character Info

Stance: Shooting Cooperation - Exclusive
Special Shooting Stance of a cadet. She made it by combining Vespanola cadets' markmanship and Rescue Knights' Supporting Fire tactics.
Job Skill: Cooperation Order
Improves the shooting ability of the designated target.
Weapon: Rifle
Armor: Leather Armor, Coat

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