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Weapon Master Resistance JD


Hawk Resistance's leader of the distorted world that is different from the present world. In the final battle of the Independence War, he lost everything. Friends, colleagues, the precious being, his country and even his left arm… After he had managed to lead the remaining forces with Caisse and barely escaped with them, JD was seized with revenge and anger. JD thought that they were defeated in the war, because of the disorganized military training. So, he wanted to drill the remaining Resistance by teaching the method he learned from the Blood Navy in order to improve their combat abilities. And he considered Caisse's claim that the advanced science and technology is essential for independence as being weak. In the end they didn't overcome the discord between them. They decided to walk their own way… He is no longer who he was. Now, there's only the vengeful soul caught in deep anger and revenge…

Marchetti: Please, come out, if you don't want to be riddled with bullets. I know you're here. JD: You're as usual. I'll kill you. Marchetti: I wonder you survived in the fierce bombing. By the way the child isn't here. The yellow-haired girl who always stayed by your side. JD: I'll definitely… Marchetti: Countess Lucia liked her. She wanted to stuff the girl to decorate the wall… It's important for me to satisfy client's request. JD: Today you'll be dead in my hand. Marchetti: If possible.  - JD who came in Kielce Lab to kill Marchetti -

Character Info

Stance: Ever - Exclusive
The reckless stance containing furious JD's rage as well as the skills for weaponry handed in the Achel family.
Job Skill: Weapon-Master
Draws the full power of the weapons by understanding the weapons in use.
Weapon: Sword, Rapire, Sabre, Blunt, Great Sword, Crescent
Armor: Leather Armor

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