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Battlefield Leader Resistance Caisse


Moderate Resistance's leader of the distorted world that is different from the present world. The heroes of Bristia and Pioneer Families, who should have won the Independence War, were terribly defeated by Marchetti's betrayal in the battle of Resistance refuge. With their defeat and deaths, Bristia's history began to go differently. Caisse who had injured one eye in the bombing of the Flying Ship managed to lead the surviving forces with JD and barely escaped with them. From then, Kielce began to be oppressed and tyrannized by harsh Blood Navy. Keenly feeling the overwhelming difference in military power, Caisse decided to fill it with science and technology. In the process, however, he disagreed with JD. In the end, they didn't overcome the discord between them and decided to divide the forces and lead the independent group.

JD : Caisse! Caisse: Yes, I'm listening. Please, talk. JD: Is it time to leisurely play with the machine parts? Caisse: Well, I think that's more useful than your way of uselessly running around in the drill ground… Do you think we lost in the war just because of the inferiority in the military forces? The future is the age of technology. Nowadays, before you wield knife and spear, a bullet will lodge into your head and the bombs will fall from the sky.  - Caisse who derides the words of JD, the leader of Hawk Resistance -

Character Info

Stance: Gun-Maestro - Exclusive
Special Shooting Stance. He made it by combining Vespanola cadets' marksmanship, his talents and the power of the new gun 'OICG'.
Job Skill: Introduction
Checks the firearms to prepare for battle.
Weapon: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow, Large Caliber Rifle
Armor: Leather Armor

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