Granado Espada Europe

Dreams★come true! Support Events for Pioneer Family with World cup~

We, the Reds !

Various festivals get started in Granado Espada to celebrate World-wide Football Festival!
2018 World Cup Cheer-up Box - more 2018 Cheer-up Special package 800EGC - buy Look details

2018 World Cup Festival Goods are Released!

World Cup with Granado Espada~ Everybody! Cheer up~ !!

03.07.2018 after maintenance ~ 17.07.2018 before maintenance
Using it, you can get the following 5 items.
Red Victory Trophy (30days) x1
White Victory Trophy (30days) x1
Red Devil’s Wing(30days) x1
Baby Pet Box (Blue Ball) x1
2018 World Cup Cheer-up Box x50
2018 World Cup cheer-up Box - more 2018 World Cup cheer-up Box - more

Pit-a-pat! Jaina and Footballs

Join the mini game of helping Jaina to collect soccer balls scattered inside Dr. Torsche's mansion~ 2018 Cheer-up Tickets and Boxes are given to all Red Pioneer Champions that Complete the mission without being noticed by him.

03.07.2018 after maintenance ~ 17.07.2018 before maintenance
Talk to event NPC Jaina around Reboldoeux fountain to enter the mission
Defeat 100 Football monsters and the final Football Boss monster.
Receive the rewards
  • 2018 World Cup Cheer-up Ticket x1
  • 2018 World Cup Cheer-up Box x3
Collect '2018 World Cup Cheer-up Tickets' to exchange them with the items you want
Cheer-up Ticket Shop exchange items
Baby Pet Box (Red Ball) x1
Red Devil’sWing(7days) x1
2018 World Cup Cheer-up Box x1

Dribbling with Blue and Red Ball pets~

Go with Blue Ball pet and Red Ball pet during the event ! Amazing buff benefits are given!

03.07.2018 after maintenance ~ 17.07.2018 before maintenance
Special benefits for Blue & Red Ball pets
Activating Ball pets, the following benefits are given during the event.
One! Picking-up-items function is added in Ball pet.
Two! 2018 Cheer-up Box is given regularly. (Cheer-up Box is given, only when pet is being activated. Prepare enough food~)
Three! Amazing buff effects are given!
  • Worldcup Buff ATK +10%, Attack SPD +10%, PEN/IMM +3, All abilities +3

2018 Cheer-up Box items

Rare Stance Books
Leonele [Punisher] Stance Book x1
Valeria [Innocentio] Stance Book x1
Grandies [Soul Bringer] Stance Book x1
Caisse [Heavy Stinger] Stance Book x1
Anis [Placidez] Stance Book x1
Van [Creacion] Stance Book x1
Leona Vernier [Rosa Secreta] Stance Book x1
Nena [Violeta Fero] Stance Book x1
Adelina/Pirate Adelina [Corsair] Stance Book x1
Adriana/ Cadet Adriana [Carrier] Stance Book x1
Kurt [Lord-of-Death] Stance Book x1
Various consumables
Richard’s Ring Box x1
Curan’s Ring Box x1
Veiren’s Ring Box x1
Genos’s Ring Box x1
Chester’s Ring Box x1
Soul Crystal x1
Principal ampule x1
EXP Card Veteran G x1
EXP Card Veteran B x1
EXP Card Expert G x1
EXP Card Veteran B x1
EXP Card Grade 71 x1
Training Card A x1
Training Card B x1
Training Card G x1
Honor Card A x1
Honor Card B x1
Artifact materials
Wind-up doll key of Oblivion x1
Screw of Mechanical Soldier x1
Magical Powered Rose x1
Titanium Alloys x1
Bloody Tooth x1
Bloody Nail x1
Dead Man’s Leg Bone x1
First Hunting Spoils x1
Amaranthine Rose x1
Heart of Vampire x1
Moon Piece x1
Complicated Part x1
Complicated Machine x1
Heart of Devil x1
Eagle Eyeball x1
Steal Shell x1
Smelted Steel x1
Portable one-day magazine
Portable Steel Bullet Box(1day) x1
Portable Steel Bolt Box(1day) x1
Portable Metal Shell Box(1day) x1
Portable Large Caliber Bullet Box(1day) x1
Portable Elemental Sphere(1day) x1
Portable Psychic Sphere(1day) x1


  1. 1. If Red/Blue Ball pets are activated, items drop only in field and mission area.
  2. 2. The abilities of Red/Blue Ball pets return to the original, if the event ends.
  3. 3. Getting the items through Leonardo Expreso or 'Receive Cash Item' button, the time when the items are given in [Cash Item] or [Belongings] is considered as used time.
  4. 4. Every event item can't be sold or traded.