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Wow~ Altria Update !!

100% Chance For Valeron Weapon! And~ 125 Weapons Are Ready!

Violet and57 Weapons

13.11.2018 after Maintenance ~ 08.01.2019 before Maintenance

Get Grde 37 VAleron

Obtain Weapons for 57 days !

Special Chance for 125 weapons Now, try to obtain the complete weapon Queen Esperanza prepares for pioneer families.!

How to get +7 (Event)Strata Devil Shotgun!- more How to get +7 (Event)Strata Devil Shotgun Check Old Weapon’s Exchange List

needed Number of Growth Booster s

Growth Booster is necessary to enhance Old weapon through Violet NPC

성장 촉진제 필요 개수 리스트
Grade/ Enhance Val. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Grade 33 (Constellation) 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Grade 34 (Evil) 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
Grade 35 (Strata Devil) 40 80 120 160 200 240 280
Grade 36 (Armonia) 80 160 240 320 400 480 560
Grade 37 (Valeron) 160 320 480 640 800 960 1120
  • If Old weapon reaches Enhance Value 7, it can be exchanged with the next grade Old weapon.(EX. +7 of 33 weapon → 34 weapon)
  • If you want to enhance weapon without fail, use Growth Booster suitable for each grade.(Using Growth Booster, Enhance succeeds by100%)

get Growth Booster!

Complete Daily Quest~
  • STEP1 - Get a daily quest from Violet NPC in Reboldoeux
  • STEP2 - Obtain Rank Mission Point by 8 (Can achieve it through Individual Raid Mission of Coimbra Nimrod Bridge)
  • STEP3 - Get Rewards from Violet
    • - (Event)Enchant Chip Veteran x10
    • - (Event)Enchant Chip Expert x3
    • - Growth Booster x25
    • - Karin's Special Certificate x1
Field hunting
STEP1 - It drops by chance in monster-hunting of every field.
  • Impossible to do Enhance/Enchant/Socket Processing.(But, possible to do after Old weapon is exchanged to (Event)complete weapon)
  • Old weapon has the following basic option.(Extra damage to all races +100%)

needed Number of Hammers

Violet's Hammer is ncessary to exchange Old weapon with the complete weapon
Grade of Weapon Necessary Number of Violet's Hammers
Grade 33 2
34 Grade 3
Grade 35 5
Grade 36 10
Grade 37 15
  • Can get Violet's hammer by only 15 in conversation with Violet.
  • Can exchange Violet's hammers with weapon(s) according to the necessary number of hammers.(Can get Grade 35 weapon x3/ Grade 37 weapon x1)
  • When Old weapon is exchanged to the complete weapon, its Enhance value will be same.
  • Old weapon's option doesn’t apply during the exchange. The option will become Non-option/Non-socket.
  • Can do Enhance/Enchant/Socket Processing after Old weapon is exchanged to the complete weapon.
  • The complete weapon can't be traded or sold. The Old weapon that remains unchanged will be deleted at the end of the event.
  • Changed Old weapon or complete weapon can't be recovered. Please, be careful in exchange!!
Extra~ Chance for Karin's Enchant Sedative!

Violet's Enchant Shop

Violet's Enchant Shop opens for a while to trade Karin's Special Certificate and Enchant Chip! Gather Karin's Special Certificate and Enchant Chip to exchange them with Karin's Enchant Sedative!

I tems to get Karin's Enchant Sedative x1

Karin's Enchant Sedative is made by renowned Alchemist Karin of Illier. It makes damage option apply according to race type. *Available through Enchant merchant of each village. Enchant value and options apply at random.

등급별 안정제 리스트
  (Event)Karin's Enchant Sedative- Human type (Event)Karin's Enchant Sedative- Except human type
Grade 33 (Constellation) Enchant Chip Veteran x150, Karin's Special Certificate x7 Enchant Chip Veteran x200, Karin's Special Certificate x7
Grade 34 (Evil/Divine) Enchant Chip Veteran x200, Karin's Special Certificate x8 Enchant Chip Veteran x250, Karin's Special Certificate x8
Grade 35 (Strata Devil) Enchant Chip Expert x150, Karin's Special Certificate x8 Enchant Chip Expert x200, Karin's Special Certificate x8
Grade 36 (Armonia) Enchant Chip Expert x200, Karin's Special Certificate x9 Enchant Chip Expert x250, Karin's Special Certificate x9
Grade 37 (Valeron) Enchant Chip Master x250, Karin's Special Certificate x15 Enchant Chip Master x300, Karin's Special Certificate x15


  1. Old weapon which remains not exchanged with the complete weapon and Growth Booster will be deleted, when event ends.
  2. (Event)Enchant Chip and the complete weapon will remain, after event ends.
  3. Violet's Weapon Exchange Coupon and Violet's Hammer will be deleted, when event ends.
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