Granado Espada Europe

Violet’s Armor shop

Great Chance to get Armonia Armor~ Don't miss it!!

07.01.2020 after MT ~ 04.02.2020 before MT

How to do

  1. Obtain Violet's Armor Exchange Coupon and Hammer from Violet NPC in Reboldoeux and buy Old Elite Le Noir Armor
  2. Gather Growth Boosters by completing Daily Quest or hunting!
  3. Enhance the armor to the wanted value by using gathered Boosters through Violet NPC
  4. Exchange the armor with the complete weapon! (Violet's Hammers are needed in trading.)
  • Need at least Family Lv.25/Score 1000 to talk to violet. In the first dialogue, can get Violet's Armor Exchange Coupon x3 and Violet's Hammer x15.
  • Old armor will be deleted, when event ends
  • The Complete armor will remain, after event ends.
  • Exchanging Old armor with the Complete armor in possessing Violet's Hammer, can get extra Violet's armor Exchange Coupon x1.

get Growth Booster

  1. Get Daily Quests from Violet NPC in Reboldoeux
  2. Perform one among the 4 Daily Quests
  3. Get the Quest Rewards from Violet NPC Growth Booster x50

After clearing Daily Quest, you can proceed with it once again by consuming Pure-Gold Bar x10(Max twice a day)

needed Number of Growth Boosters

Growth Booster is
necessary to enhance Old weapon through Violet NPC
강화에 필요한 성장 촉진제 개수 표
Elite Le Noir 1강 2강 3강 4강 5강 6강 7강
Elite Le Noir 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Greek Croma 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
Strata Devil 30 60 90 120 150 180 210
Santo De Blanc/Santuario 40 80 120 160 200 240 -
  • If Old armor reaches Enhance Value 7, it can be exchanged with the next Old armor.(EX. +7 Elite Le Noir armor → Greek Croma armor)
  • If you want to enhance armor without fail, use Growth Booster suitable for each grade.(Using Growth Booster, Enhance succeeds by100%)

needed Hammer’s Number

Violet's Hammer is
necessary to exchange the Old armor with the Complete armor through Violet NPC
방어구 등급에 따른 망치 요구량
Armore Necessary Number of Violet's Hammers
Elite Le Noir 3
Greek Croma 5
Strata Devil 7
Santo De Blanc/Santuario 10
  • Can get Violet's hammer by only 15 in conversation with Violet.
  • Can exchange the armor only if you can provide Violet's hammers by the necessary number for each armor.
  • When Old armor is exchanged to the Complete armor, its Enhance value will be same.
  • Old armor's option doesn’t apply during the exchange. The option will become Non-option/Non-socket.
  • Can do Enhance/Enchant/Socket Processing after Old armor is exchanged to the Complete armor.
  • The Complete armor can't be traded or sold. The Old armor that remains unchanged will be deleted at the end of the event.
  • Changed Old armor or Complete armor can't be recovered. Please, be careful in exchange!!