Granado Espada Europe

Granado Espada Europe

Episode Event

Archbishop's Quest

04.06.2019 after MT ~ 25.06.2019 before MT

Mission Quest

  1. Talk to Archbishop to get Mission Quest
  2. Clear Personal Rank Mission to get related Point
  3. Clear Quest to get Comp. Reward/Demon's Crystal
    Check Rewards
    Mission Complete Rewards(Each time)
    • Demon's Crystal x50
    • Pet Food x3
    • EVENT Steroid Potion x1
    • EVENT Principal Ampule x1
    ※ Using Boosting Package or Pioneer Premium, Can get Demon's Crystal x100.
    C. times Rewards
    • EVENT 333-grade Weapon Box x25/10 times Complete
    • EVENT 34-grade Weapon Box x215/20 times Complete
    • EVENT 35-grade Weapon Box x2 25/30 times Complete
  4. Exchange Demon's Crystals with wanted Item
Field Quest
  1. Talk to Archbishop to get Field Quest
  2. In Field Hunting, Demon Monster drops Demon's Crystal in a certain probability
  3. Exchange Demon's Crystals with your wanted Item according to Quest Step
Field Quest Reward (once a step)
Quest Step 1 x 300
EVENTEnhanced Steroid Liquor x30
EVENT Principal Potion x30
EVENT Melee Enhancement Ampule(1MCC) x10
EVENT Magic Enhancement Ampule(1MCC) x10
EVENT Shooting Enhancement Ampule(1MCC) x10
EVENT Evil Armor Summon Stone x1
Quest Step 2x 400
EVENT Equipment Preset Drill x3
EVENT Triumph Potion x30
EVENT Combat Manual- Veteran(7 days) x1
EVENT Field Manual- Veteran(7 days) x1
EVENT Evil Accessory Summon Stone x1
Quest Step 3x 500
EVENT Panfilo's Lunch Box x2
EVENT Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (30 days) x1
EVENT Enhanced Crystal Wing (15 days) x1
EVENT Master Card x3
Strata Devil Accessory Recipe Piece x2
Quest Step 4x 600
EVENT Character Card Box Ⅲ x1
EVENT Ana's Tear x10
EVENT Sara's Tear x3
EVENT Greek Croma Summon Stone x2
Armonia Accessory Recipe Piece x2
Quest Step 5x 700
EVENT Enchan Sedative(5min) x1
EVENT Strata Devil Weapon Summon Stone x1
Collection Sacred Character Card Box x1
Valeron Accessory Recipe Piece x1
Archbishop's Shop

Collect Demon's Crystal(Quest Reward) and use them in Archbishop's Shop!

In Archbishop's Shop, you can buy each item up to each items' Maximum pieces.


  1. All Event Reward items can NOT be sold or discarded.
  2. Demon's Crystal item will be deleted at the end of the event.