Armonia Ep.5 ! Gifts from Anis

Event period
from 03.Mar.2015 Maintainence to 17.Mar.2015

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New Family Benefit

New Family : During event period new Family

Special gifts from Anis!

It starts when talks to Anis

  • Beginner Shoes (30 Days) x 3
  • Beginner Gloves(30 Days) x 3
  • Teleport scroll x 100
  • Warp license (30days) x 1
  • Warp extend 20 (30days) x 1
  • Warp scroll x 200

Addtional gifts when mission is completed!

Now it is Mission! You can start the mission by talking to Berthe and Charles.

Existing Family Benefit

  • All event items can not be traded and sold.
  • Unused Experimental Weapon coupon and Holy 1,2,3rd will be deleted when event is done.
  • Rewards item except Experimental weapon coupon won't be deleted.
  • Experimental weapon can be used for 30 days and some of weapon (EG. Large calibeer Rifle) are not able to select.
  • Each reward can be received once per family during event period

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