Granado Espada Europe

Altria Update Celebration

Altria Pioneering War

18th of Sep. after maintenance ~ 16th of Oct. before maintenance
Get the support of new families Get the support of comeback families

Esperanza Queen's Special Settlement Support THE Reconquista

From the Esperanza Queen, more powerful Altria Settlement Support Policy started. Not only the current families, new and comeback families will get the various benefits for more comfortable pioneering.

After maintenance on 2nd of October ~ Before maintenance on 6th of November 2018
For All families, THE Reconquista Policy
Warp Free Pass Benefit During event period, All quest warp cost will be free.
Obtaining Rate Double During event period, All quest item obtaining rate will be double.
Exclusive Buff for Pioneer During event period, When doing scenario mission, Monster Damage +50%, Combat support buff of AR./DR. +3 provided.
For New and Comeback Families THE Reconquista Policy
New Families During the event period, Who set the representive character on GEEU main website.
Comeback Families During the event period,
  1. 1. From the login date, the account who has 50 hours below playing time during 30days.
  2. 2. Who didn't login during 3months before event period time.

New / Comeback families reward is only 1 time per account.

  • Shiny Token - Experimental Weapon Coupon x 3
  • Shiny Token - Experimental Armor Coupon x 3
  • Shiny Token - Experimental Accessary Coupon x 3
  • [Special Welcome] Manual (7days) x 2
  • Expert Stance Book Coupon x 2


  1. Shny Token can be exchanged to Experimental Weapon/Armor/Accessary via Master Guardian NPC in each town.
  2. Shiny Token - Experimental Weapon/Armor/Accessary Coupon and [Special Welcome] Manual will be deleted when event ends on 6th of November 2018.
  3. Duing using [Special Welcome] Manual, if you use again, the previous item will be deleted.