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Viento del mar


"It's been a long time since my last voyage... Admiral Adrian, I envy you! You've lived this happy life!" - 1st Fleet Admiral Saido -

Apart from building the land route centering Camellia Thea to Altria, Vespanola Navy entered Advanced Base Portus along Castilla coast by the order of Queen Esperanza. Pioneering based on Portus seemed to proceed smoothly. By the way, a boy appeared. He calls himself the representative of Karima tribe..

You're human. By the way, why do you help the monsters?
Though you consider them monsters, they're also the living creatures who can think and feel. And this is their home. They're my teachers and friends who raised me after my birth. Don't judge them with your standard. You want to kill them? If so, prepare your death, too!

  - Portus, Admiral Adriana facing [Ru] leading numerous monsters -



Advanced Base Portus, its ground was built under Castilla 2nd Fleet's initiative. Admiral Adriana entered Portus with 1st Fleet's Admiral Saido, escorting the ships of Mirjar and Lucia Merchant Union. Trying to build Pioneer Base, Vespanola Navy is threatened by numerous unknown monsters living around Portus...

Elisa, send back the wounded! Viviana, check missing supplies!
You look busy, Admiral Adriana!
Is it free time to drink rum? Watch everyone working busily!
What if I drink some rum? It'll be also a good memory. Hahaha!
Master, you're not changed at all... Damn it! Where did I throw the operational map? Sofia!!!

- Conversation between Admiral Adriana and Admiral Saido in Portus -



"The Rule of Jungle. It's the most intuitive and honest rule my teachers taught!"

Ru was raised under the protection of Karima tribe. Although ancient Altrians were destroyed owing to their greed, Ru's ancestors were protected by the covenant with Karima tribe and they could survive the threat of destruction. As he’s been raised by Karima since he was born, Ru didn’t realize that he's human. While fighting with Quinnitula, however, he meets the humans who are pioneering the New World. Now, he is thrilled to discover a new race...

You’re human. Why are you helping the monsters?
They protected me in this perilous Altria. They may look like brutal monsters for you. But, for me, they're my teachers, co-workers and comrades.
Blocking us, you'll disappear in Flying Ship’s bombing..
Don't underestimate us. We survived in this barren Altria!
- River of Fire, Lugh is facing the New World Pioneer troops -


Ru’s melee Stance. He developed it by applying combat tactics of Karima, the strongest tribe in Ancient Altria.



Undead warriors. They're the ghosts of ruined Ancient Altria. They handle various weapons well and attack living creatures near Portus indiscriminately. It is said that they were the noble warriors who served the king in their lifetime. But now, only the old trace can be found in the appearance.


Iskra was called as the guardian of Ancient Altria. Iskra became Undead owing to the will of protecting his clan and defeated all attacks of numerous beasts. But, due to Karima’s curse, there is no more gurdian Iskra. Meeting Star's Messenger, Iskra turned unreasonable to go on the rampage.



Subjugation order was given for Quinnitula clan and Queen Quinnitula that hinder the exploitation in the River of Fire. Defeat Queen Quinnitula!


Lots of unknown monsters are coming to Advanced Base Portus. Defend Portus until Vespanola 2nd Fleet finishes reloading Magic cannons!!