Sky & Earth


“Quiritatio's door was opened. God bless your new journey…”

While Altria pioneering has been continued, the message that Orden, Star's Messenger left for Quiritatio came from Star's Surveillant. Hearing of it, the heads of Advanced Base Prurio including Leona came to Quiritatio with the permission of Star's Surveillant. By the way, confronting with questionable guardians guarding the entrance of Quiritatio, they're blocked to enter by guardians' mighty power…

Leona - Get out of our way. It's about our survival.

Cassandra - We don't care about humans' survival. Our duty is to guard Quiritatio, the ark in which everything about the world is stored.

Hildegard - Are you corrupted by Star's Messenger?

Cassandra - His feeling isn't important to us in the first place. Only the issue is whether you deserve to survive or not… Prove! Prove that you are worth living in the world.

Star's Surveillant - Right. You'd better prove it! Jungle's Law, it's the original truth of all the creatures living in the world...

- Leaders of Orpesia facing Quiritatio guardians in Quiritatio Haimdar-



Tower-shaped with various functions. It's from Super-Ancient Civilization that is considered to have destroyed some of the ancient continent.

Orden - I think I deserve to meet my father at the highest place as Star's Messenger...

Cassandra - Star's Surveillant said rightly. Your thoughts are too impure.

Orden - I didn't expect much. Because you are nothing more than the toy made by father and sister... So, die.

- Cassandra confronting Star's Messenger in Quiritatio, Einheri -


Quiritatio Guardians

They're the ancient golems guarding Quiritatio. Originally they should not have operated. But the energy needed to operate them was fully charged by the small and large battles that happened in Quiritatio. Now they begin punishing the invaders.


Quiritatio, Dimension Piece??

Everything about the world is stored in Quiritatio. Its hibernated Internal-Defense-Mode is activated by external attacks.


5 Elements Weapons/Accessories

5 Elements weapons are the ancient weapons containing the power of [5 Elements' Owner] and are stored in Quiritatio.