Online MMORPG Game Granado Espada Europe 21.84.39 EuroGamez Co, Ltd. Armonia Update 22.Jul.2014

Period : 14 Nov 2017~12 Dec 2017 (08:00AM)
Upgraded Lucky Letizia Shop has opened. Let's check new Letizia
packages and get awesome items.

Period : 30 Oct 2017~21 Nov 2017 (08:00AM)
New Character, Lost Golden Wolf - Rubiana Introduction

Period : 14 Nov 2017~28 Nov 2017 (08:00AM)
2017 New Costume Sale Event stats!
Go Check the newest costumes~ 

Period : 07 Nov 2017~21 Nov 2017 (08:00AM)
Get a chance to acquire a character card and more!
User who buy Lyndon box will get items of the list randomly.

Period : 31 Oct 2017~14 Nov 2017 (08:00AM)
Dress up for the Halloween and find the suspect who stole Halloween Pumpkins

Period : 12 Sep 2017~14 Nov 2017 (08:00AM)
Symphonia EP 04, Pattern of Giant Update Teaser Open!
Please check the update details on the teaser page.

Period : 05 Sep 2017~14 Nov 2017 (08:00AM)
The Symphonia EP 3, Ecliptic Illisia, Valeron's Legacy Teaser Open!

Period : 24 Oct 2017~05 Dec 2017 (00:00AM)
Master~ Walk Flowery Paths Event starts.
Maid, Marie and Jaina prepared gifts for Pioneers!
Get event points and receive awesome rewards~

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