Online MMORPG Game Granado Espada Europe 21.84.39 EuroGamez Co, Ltd. Armonia Update 22.Jul.2014

Period : 07 Apr 2015~21 Apr 2015 (08:00AM)
Avalanche femme costume box for Lisa, Sierra and Bernelli.

Period : 01 Apr 2015~30 Apr 2015 (00:00AM)
Watch and learn together and get a free EG-Cash!
Reward I : Bonus 500 Cash
   - Creating your twitch account and broadcasting 

Reward II : Bonus 3000 Cash
   - Over concurent watching user or Over 50 viewing of highlight video.

Reward III: Amazing bonus Cash
   -  We will reward for best broadcaster on every month till end of this year.

Period : 06 Jan 2015~05 Jan 2016 (07:00AM)
Get 100 Euro worth Free Cash Items. 
How to participate.
1. It's very simple, Just create your new family then you will get 100 Euro worth Free Cash Items.
2. Just playing GEEU, then you will get amazing Free Cash Items.


Period : 06 Jan 2015~06 Jan 2016 (07:00AM)
Gear UP then Complaete scenario quests!
At every completed quests, you can receive GREAT REWARDs!


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