Online MMORPG Game Granado Espada Europe 21.84.39 EuroGamez Co, Ltd. Armonia Update 22.Jul.2014

Period : 31 Mar 2015~14 Apr 2015 (07:00AM)
Hello, brothers. Now, it is easter season.
God will bless you as long as you guys continue to do such a good thing for others

Period : 31 Mar 2015~14 Apr 2015 (07:00AM)
Do you want to new shaggy pet?
New pet Divino is on shop!
You can get extra ability
MAX HP+5000
Mon Blow DMG +20%
ATK Speed +10%
Healing HP 2500 Recover
Penetration +10

Period : 17 Mar 2015~07 Apr 2015 (07:00AM)
Granado Espada has been 9 years old since it released with your love!
We prepare celebration party! Come on! 

Period : 17 Mar 2015~07 Apr 2015 (07:00AM)
Get a chance to acquire a character card and more!.
User who buy Lindon box will get items of the list randomly.
In case of opening Lindon Box one hundred times, the user could get a bonus items.

Period : 06 Jan 2015~06 Jan 2016 (07:00AM)
Gear UP then Complaete scenario quests!
At every completed quests, you can receive GREAT REWARDs!


Period : 06 Jan 2015~05 Jan 2016 (07:00AM)
Get 100 Euro worth Free Cash Items. 
How to participate.
1. It's very simple, Just create your new family then you will get 100 Euro worth Free Cash Items.
2. Just playing GEEU, then you will get amazing Free Cash Items.


Period : 10 Mar 2015~31 Mar 2015 (07:00AM)
We are genius twin syster!
Do you wanna see me? you don't know how?
Let's play with me!

Period : 03 Mar 2015~17 Mar 2015 (07:00AM)
Chance to get coustumes limited collection for JD and Emilia with super PETs!

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