Online MMORPG Game Granado Espada Europe 21.84.39 EuroGamez Co, Ltd. Armonia Update 22.Jul.2014

Period : 12 Jun 2018~26 Jun 2018 (08:00AM)
New Character Dragovan's Guardian CoA
New Stance Dadamos

Period : 06 Jun 2018~26 Jun 2018 (00:00AM)
“I'm a guardian. As Dragovan's Guardian, I ask you.
What do you want?”

Period : 15 May 2018~29 May 2018 (08:00AM)
Verpanola Private School’s Extreme Job Experience
Add new school costume!!

Period : 17 Apr 2018~17 May 2018 (00:00AM)
Finally we do the 29.33.53 update tomorrow and happy to release.
Thank you and please check below patch and update details!

Period : 10 May 2018~29 May 2018 (08:00AM)
Kurt's new stance "Lord of Death"
Kurt's new costume "Lord of Death(Weapon, Hair, Body costume)"

Period : 03 May 2018~22 May 2018 (08:00AM)
Let's get out of the barracks!
Barrack Escaping Project for Character Rebooting

Period : 17 Apr 2018~02 May 2018 (08:00AM)
Returned to the Sanquines Family
Scarlet x Ciel x Hermes Sisters
Even costumes, more perfectly!

Period : 29 Mar 2018~02 May 2018 (00:00AM)
"I tried to find you, Evil !!
However, who is that girl behind you?"

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