Online MMORPG Game Granado Espada Europe 21.84.39 EuroGamez Co, Ltd. Armonia Update 22.Jul.2014

Period : 18 Aug 2015~22 Sep 2015 (08:00AM)
"Fresh" "Bubbly" MarinLook Event!
How's the summer of new continent?

Period : 11 Aug 2015~01 Sep 2015 (08:00AM)
Get a chance to acquire a character card and more!.
User who buy Lyndon box will get items of the list randomly.

In case of opening Lindon Box one hundred times, the user could get a bonus items.

Period : 21 Jul 2015~25 Aug 2015 (08:00AM)
Collect your attendance, playtime and get a big reward chance!

Attendance : 1 point per a day
Playtime : 1 point per 3 hours

1st Select of the rose image
2nd Press Subscription button and participate
3rd If you get a red rose then you win.
4th Using Random draw, try to receive the rewards.

Period : 06 Jan 2015~06 Jan 2016 (07:00AM)
Gear UP then Complaete scenario quests!
At every completed quests, you can receive GREAT REWARDs!


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